Own projects



lc-tools is a unified client for cloud APIs based on libcloud.


gg-tools is a Python package that supports GoGrid API and set of command line tools based on the package.

It’s widely used in a company I currently work for most of the project that use GoGrid and it’s quite stable.

I’m not planning to add some new features here though, because it looks more reasonable approach to invest time into lc-tools as more general solution. Anyway, it still makes sense to use gg-tools if you need to work with GoGrid at lower level that libcloud’s abstraction.


ecru is a command line client for LiveJournal which relies on your $EDITOR a lot. I created it because there we no CLI clients I liked and for the sake of some practical usage of C++.

I haven’t had much time to spend on C++ and blogging but I hope to get back to this project soon.


cdf is a colorful df, written in C with help of Pierre Chifflier. I haven’t updated for a long time, but it works fine still.


pymgsrc is a command line client for imgsrc.ru — Russian photo hosting service, written in Python.


yaslov is a tiny yet useful client for Yandex.Slovari translation service. Despite of its simplicity it’s one of the applications I use most often.


py-urbandict is a Python module and command line client for UrbanDictionary.com. It becomes useful when you translate a word with yaslov but still cannot get why it was used.


When Beep-Media-Player appeared I ported some XMMS plugins I missed:

Project page: bmp-plugins.




I got my FreeBSD ports commit bit back in 2005. Time to time I create src and doc patches.


Started working on libcloud not so long ago, mainly supporting GoGrid driver.


List of projects I’ve used to contribute to:

Torsmo and Conky

I’ve first seen Torsmo back in 2004. It only supported Linux and I decided to create a port for FreeBSD. I had to re-implement all the monitoring stuff for FreeBSD. At that time torsmo was not supported by its maintainers already, so I just kept all the patches in the port.

Later on Torsmo was finally forked, new project was called Conky. I happened to get a commit access and imported all my patches. For few years I’ve been supporting FreeBSD specific features, did a basic bugfixing, added some new features. At some point I changed the way I work with my computer and stopped using conky, therefore stopped supporting conky and passed maintainership to other person.


PearPC is a PowerPC emulator, a very interesting project. I’ve been only improving portability of GNU autotools based build system. Unfortunately, the project doesn’t seem to be active anymore.